Socialising and habituating your puppy to City life is one of the key pillars of development that we need to make sure we get right from the get go.

City Sit Stay offers structured puppy play sessions to make sure that we are constantly focused on your pups socialisation and development on a weekly basis.

These drop in classes expose your puppy to new sights, sounds, textures and play buddies to constantly be exposing them to new things in a safe and structured manner. Emphasis on development and body awareness is made to ensure that our puppies are growing up confident in their bodies.

Puppy Social 

Ages  10 – 16 weeks

50 minutes for a group of up to 6 puppies

We focus on:

Building Confidence

Socialisation and Habituation

Different types of Enrichment

Understanding Puppy Play

Body Awareness

Address: TBD

Price – £25