Smart Paws

Having a dog in a work at home environment presents a unique set of challenges.

Our Group online classes are designed with you and your pet in mind.

It is a wonderful opportunity to acclimatize a new dog to life in a lockdown world, or further increase the “real life smarts” of your current.

The Smart Paws Class offers advanced training and covers:

-Instant recall

-On lead and Off Lead Walking

-Dealing with distractions

-Advanced Impulse Control

-Distance Control

-Dog Park Etiquette

-Appropriate Greetings

-Control in a crowd

-Advanced Recall with distractions (tunnel of temptation, other dogs, while in play)

-Impulse Control, (Which can be used to teach dogs to stay away from garbage on the street or relinquish items)

-Distance Stay with distractions

Smart Paws is an advanced class and students must have completed the introductory classes (either in person or online), or 3 private lessons before enrolling into this group . If you realize that your dog would benefit from private training, City Sit Stay is also available to assist you privately. Please refer to the section Private Training.


APRIL 22nd 7PM

Duration: 6 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class.

Cost:  £160.00 per pup for the 6 week course.

Location: Earth

Registration must be made in advance.