Smart Paws

Having a dog in a work at home environment presents a unique set of challenges.

Our Group online classes are designed with you and your pet in mind.

It is a wonderful opportunity to acclimatize a new dog to life in a lockdown world, or further increase the “real life smarts” of your current.

The Smart Paws Class offers advanced training and covers:

-Instant recall

-Walking nicely

-Dealing with distractions

-Advanced Impulse Control

-Emphasis on City Social Skills

-Dog Park Etiquette

-Appropriate Greetings

-Control in a crowd

-Advanced Recall with distractions (tunnel of temptation, other dogs, while in play)

-Impulse Control, (Which can be used to teach dogs to stay away from garbage on the street or relinquish items)

-Distance Stay with distractions

Smart Paws is an advanced class and students must have completed the introductory classes (either in person or online), or 3 private lessons before enrolling into this group . If you realize that your dog would benefit from private training, City Sit Stay is also available to assist you privately. Please refer to the section Private Training.


Duration: 6 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class.

Cost:  £160.00 per pup for the 4 week course.

Location: Earth

Registration must be made in advance.