Did you also get a Lockdown puppy? Me too

It’s been hard hasn’t it? and a little scary at times.

Because of the crazy mad year we have had, it has been more important than ever to set up our puppies to succeed from the get go,

The Puppy Class is a great way to develop and establish a lasting relationship with your new pup and provides a solid foundation for proper socialization and habituation that will last a lifetime!

Puppy Class begins as early as 8 weeks but should start no later than 6 month of age.

This class includes weekly training calls, a designated help group with bonus content and updates, weekly homework and constant checking in to make sure we all set our puppies to succeed. We discuss how to best handle puppy mouthing, destructive chewing, house training, crate training and leaving your puppy alone. The Puppy Class offers foundation training and covers:

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Duration: 4 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class.

Cost:  £160.00 per pup for the 4 week course.

Location: Earth

Registration must be made in advance.