Manners and Obedience

COVID 19 UPDATE- Due to the constant government and safety changes surrounding the new coronovirus, we are only able to offer online classes at the present time.

The Manners and Obedience class is designed for dogs 5 months and older (or those who have had at least 3 private lessons) regardless of breed or size. This is an indoor and outdoor training class.

The following behaviors are covered:


Name Recognition

Jump Prevention (teaching dogs to greet people and other dogs politely)

Eye Contact

Sit, Down, Stand (with hand signals)

Basic Recall


Attention to owner around distractions (eye contact)

Duration Stay (Sit and Down Stay)

Distance Stay (Sit and Down Stay)

Automatic Sit

Walking to heel (on and off lead)


Advanced Recall with distractions (tunnel of temptation, other dogs, while in play)

Impulse Control, (Which can be used to teach dogs to stay away from garbage on the street or relinquish items)

Distance Stay with distractions


Duration: 6 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class.

Cost: £125.00 per pup for the 6 week course.

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