Having a puppy is one of lifes pleasures. But making sure they are developing and socializing correctly in the time of Covid is hard/near impossible.

The first eight months of a puppy’s life are key in their development. Sadly due to the pandemic, our pups aren’t getting as much socializing as needed nor learning those vital life skills that aid their development. Issues such as separation anxiety and fear of other dogs/strangers are becoming much more common when we are socially distancing.

Introducing our NEW Puppy Club

Being the only licensed central London daycare puts us in a unique position to be able to ensure all the lockdown puppies are getting the socialisation they need. I am also an experienced dog trainer and behaviorist so can keep you updated on appropriate behaviours and manners. We also work with the majority of dog trainers and vets in London to enhance training and also set your dog up to succeed.

Every puppy is seen as an individual, therefore we tailor the days activities to provide a personalized developmental program which includes

We provide a safe and nurturing environment designed to help set a pup up to succeed for the rest of its life. Building life skills, confidence and important social skills in a caring and fun environment helps prepare your puppy for the big, wide world.

The first six months of a puppy’s life are key in ensuring they gain those vital life and social skills. Every time your puppy is with us, they will be making friends, and being introduced to activities designed to occupy them mentally and physically.

Professional Service

Personalized Puppy Play

Our puppy school is dedicated to creating a safe and enriching environment to prepare our pups for London life.

Hope to see you and your puppy soon

Full Day- £28

Half Day- £20


COVID 19 safety protocols are in place with an emphasis on hygiene and safe handling