Choosing the right Dog Walker

We have so many clients asking us which NYC dog walking companies we would recommend and what questions to ask that we have put together some important questions to ask any potential dog walker. 


As many of you know from the bio page, City Sit Stay founder Kimberly Freeman started off her “dog career” at Sit Stay which grew to become the biggest dog walking, pet sitting and behavior center on the east coast of Scotland (so she knows a thing or two about what questions to ask a dog walker)

In New York City, having a dog walker is considered the norm as people work such long hours. These are some things to consider asking your new potential dog nanny

Do you own a dog?

How long have you been doing this for?

Are you insured? 

What happens in a pet emergency?

What are the most common emergencies you have dealt with so far?

If you are sick, who covers your walks?

How many dogs do you walk at a time?

If you pick up other dogs on route, what will you do with my dog?

Do you use dog runs or street walking?

What do you do in extreme weather (NYC heat waves and snow storms)?

Will you do private play visits if my dog is not fully vaccinated?

Can you please provide 2 references/link to a yelp page?

Remember that the dog walker is there to make your life easier, so if you need walks at specific times, your dog needs to use a special leash/harness or requires meals after each walk, make sure they know that and can accommodate you.

Never give anyone keys to your apartment without having met them first. You are not just trusting this person in your personal space, but also with your dog!