Introducing a New Baby

Begin preparing your dog for the new arrival as soon as you can.

The more time you spend training your dog, the easier it will be for your dog to adjust.

Months in advance

  • work on your dogs general behaviour is to a good standard. Teach him not to jump up, not pull on lead and come when called
  • make sure your dog is healthy and up to date with worming and flea treatments
  • allow alone time for your dog to get him used to sometimes being left alone
  • if you don’t want your dog in the nursery, start practising this before baby arrives
  • practise walking with a pram/stroller so your dog gets used to it
  • practise playing baby sounds wither on your phone or on tv and reward your dog for not reacting

When Baby Arrives

  • Try not to make a big deal of the arrival of the new baby
  • Give your dog lots of treats and rewards for being calm around baby
  • Exercise your dog to reduce energy levels inside the house
  • Use boredom buster toys (kongs, pizzle sticks, etc) to keep your dog busy while you are spending time with the baby

Remember never leave a baby or child alone with any dog