Top 3 products to help with Firework Phobia

Fireworks are the nemesis of many a dog; their big lights in the sky and crashing sounds can turn even the bravest dog into a shivering wreck who is foaming at the mouth.

While the level of anxiety caused by fireworks can vary from dog to dog, it is sensible as an owner to start building your dog up to the sounds a few weeks before any local firework displays.

ThunderShirt ($39.99 here)


These shirts wrap tightly around your dog and work on acupressure points on the dogs body to encourage calmness in Fido. We have used Thunder shirts during storms, fireworks and even vet visits with great success.

They have a very high success rate and in some countries/states, they have a money back guarantee if you find they don’t help.

We buy our thundershirts here

Adaptil Spray and Plug In ($29.99 here)


This spray or plug in is used to connect with your dog on a chemical level. They release a dog appeasing pheromone that helps calm your dog down in stressful situations. The plug in you can leave in the room the dog will be kept, and the spray is perfect for spraying bedding or a thundershirt.

You can buy Adaptil The Dog Appeasing Pheromone here

Puppy School App ($2.99 Apple or Google Store)


The Puppy School app is a fantastic tool for building up a dogs tolerance to certain noises. Using the app, you have the particular noise very slow in general every day calm situations (rewarding your dog if they don’t react). Then over the next few weeks, you gradually increase the volume with the end goal being that Fido can listen to fireworks without any issues at all. The app comes with full instructions.

You can read our detailed review of the app here 

A free tip you can use for your dog with firework phoebia is make them a safe area that they can burrow or hide. This may be as simple as a crate on the floor covered in blankets, or a pile of blankets under the bed that Fido can bury himself in.

Keeping the curtains closed and the radio on low can also help drown out the noise of any fireworks.

Do you have any other tips for dealing with Firework phobia in dogs?