The Importance of Socialization

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The experiences of young puppies affects their brain development which in turn influences their behaviour as they become adult dogs. Socialization is where a puppy learns to recognise and respond to the environment it lives in and stimulus it comes across (other people, other dogs). cialis pillendienst buy sildenafil citrate online india cialis for sale

The socialization period (3-12 weeks of age) is critical in shaping your dogs adult behaviour and should not be ignored. cialis pills 10 mg confezioni viagra 100 mg viagra online

Behavioural problems associated to lack of early socialization are difficult to reverse and can lead to fear, aggression and anxiety.

From 3  to 8 weeks of age, your pup should have been socialized by the breeder or rescue group. This includes socializing with people, children and being exposed to new environments and surfaces. This is usually when a puppy will be exposed to new surfaces, different rooms of the house, vets visits, meeting the family and other pets. When your puppy comes home to you between 8-12 weeks, you must build on this basic socialization foundation and continue to expose your pup to new people, places and other animals.

Training and Behaviour 

Signing up to puppy socialization classes and training classes will help immensely in pointing your pup in the right direction. where can i buy viagra

You can start training your puppy at any age, but remember to keep training sessions short to avoid your puppy getting over tired or bored. If you do each session as long as a commercial break, you should be fine.

Training classes are not only important in helping build trust between you and your dog, but they are also a great way of socializing your pup in a controlled environment. does cialis generic work same cheap viagra price viagra cialis levitra

Pet Sitter or Dog Boarding

When leaving Fido alone for a period of time, make sure that someone experienced and reliable is in charge so you can get on with having fun knowing your dog is in safe hands find here. $9 Levitra at Walmart

Pet Sitters and Boarding facilities are the most popular options for leaving our pets so we decided to give you a quick guide to both

House Sitter

Comes to the house and has the benefit of watching both house and your pets

Great for a multi-pet household as all pets can stay together (especially great if you have a mix of different species)

Keeps the same routine as normal with the same comfort of home (same bed, sofa and garden as they are used to)

Always ask for references  either in person or on sites such as Yelp

Reduces risk of catching diseases like kennel cough from other dogs

Vaccination history not needed

Make sure the person is insured, and your house is insured

Cage Free Boarding

Cage free boarding means your dog has the comfort of a home environment without cages

Home boarders often have multiple dogs so it is great for sociable dogs

Make sure you choose a Company that is fully Insured and Bonded (if in America)

Compare Prices online and read reviews

Ask local pet shops and dog walkers if they know of anyone that supplies this

If shared boarding facility, your dog will need to be up to date on its vaccinations



Socializing a Puppy

Some people don’t give their pups the right amount of socialization because they are worried about them catching a disease. However, what we can do as pet owners is balance the need for socialization with the risk of disease. By controlling the conditions, you are minimizing risk.

photo 4 (2)
Jester was carried about in a bag so he could experience  life with minimal risk

Our job as pup owners is to expose our pup to as many different experiences as possible to ensure that as our dog grows, they are happy in their new surroundings.

Low risk experiences you can try with your pup

  • Carrying your puppy out and about with you
  • Introducing your puppy to public transport (buses, trains)
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Getting your pup used to busy areas
  • Car and cab journeys
  • Inviting visitors with fully vaccinated dogs to your house

Constantly reinforcing positive experiences is important for behavioural development as your pup continues to adulthood.

Exposing a puppy from a young age to the sights and sounds of human life lessons the risk of fear of noises or vehicles (such as buses ). Having a dog that is used to other dogs and people from a young age makes life so much easier.