Do you need to train your dog?

Training a dog is a great way to keep your dog’s mind active and busy. It is also a great way to build up a bond and understanding of your dog in every day life.

Training is a great way to teach your dog how to cope within the human world and understand the rules of what is expected of them (no jumping, walk nicely on lead, etc)

Dogs (and humans) find it easier to learn when it is fun. Dogs learn through actions and behaviours so it is important to show your dog clearly what you want of them. Remember that it is easier to train your dog to do it correctly from the start than untrain “naughty” behaviour afterwards

Mental and Physical training are both important when raising a happy and healthy dog.

Mental Stimulation can take the form of formal training, trick training and using boredom buster toys such as food distributing treat balls, Kongs and Busy Buddy Twist and Treat to have your pet work for their food and treats. Mental stimulation involves the dog having to work things out with their mind.

Creative Commons
Creative Commons

Physical training involvesĀ on or off lead walks, games of fetch, fly ball and agility. Anything that physically tires your dog is a form of training also. Us your daily walks to encourage good on lead walking, eye contact and impulse control. Dogs no matter the age can learn something new

A hairless Chinese Crested taking part in an agility competition. Creative Commons
A hairless Chinese Crested taking part in an agility competition.
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Every Day Checklist


  • Teach your dog basic commands by joining a training class
  • Regularly use boredom buster toys to give your dog a mental workout
  • Make sure your dog has daily walks and practising good manners