Car Sickness

Most people in the city do not have cars meaning urban canines are not exposed to car travel everyday. Not being used to car travel can become a serious problem when you want to take your dog in a cab or out of the city for a road trip.

Here are a few things you can try to prevent Fido from suffering from car sickness

No Food– 6-8 hours before your car journey, take away any food

Exercise– before you get into a car, take Fido for a nice long walk in the hopes that he will nap during the journey

Safe Zone– using a crate or carrier can help give your dog a safe zone. Constantly pacing from person to person or window to window is not only unsafe but increases anxiety in Fido

Front Seat– like with many people (including myself) sitting in the front makes a huge difference . Make sure Fido has a pet safety belt on

Cool– keep the ac on or a window open to keep Fido cool

Short Trips– build up Fidos tolerance to the car by gradually increasing the duration of car trips. The idea si to end the car journey before he gets sick

Make it Fun– if the only time Fido is every in a car is to go to the vet, there is no wonder he enjoys the experience. Try and use cars and cabs for fun dog adventures to the park and beach